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    ADL_SDK not compile straight "out of the box" under Linux


      Hi guys,


      I tried to compile the adlutil or Sample from ADL_SDK and it doesn't work from scratch.


      So I replace "wchar_t" with "char" definition in include/adl_structures.h and now it works with the instructions from "Linux build instructions.txt":

      gcc main.c -o adlutil -DLINUX -ldl -I ../include/


      And by the way, the "Linux build instructions.txt" is written with a window encoding, so when you show it in a Linux terminal (cat), it gives this:


      makefile is for building in Linux environment.
      Run �make� to create executable file adlutil
      Run �make clean� to remove adlutil ( equivalent with �rm adlutil�)


      Without the makefile, the easiest way to build this is to run the following command:


      gcc main.c �o adlutil �DLINUX �ldl �I ../include/

      -ldl (all lower cases), -I (capital i)


      If you could check this kind of small details in release 7 of ADL_SDK before publish the Linux version.


      Best regards