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CodeXL 1.4 integration with HSA OpenCL 1.2 Beta Preview Driver

Question asked by zhongliangong on Jun 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2014 by chingwu

I was able to install the AMD HSA driver (Beta preview for windows 8.1) and successfully compile and run the sample programs.

Digging deeper however, the CodeXL (1.4.5724.0) on my workstation is unable to profile the OpenCL Kernels in the samples included with the preview driver download, as the sample code uses Shared Virtual Memory (SVM) arguments.

Could I obtain confirmation that the CodeXL profile does not support profiling code written with the AMD OpenCL 1.2 extensions, and if so, whether there exists any alternatives?


I was also unable to get the CodeXL tool to install the VS2012 plugin in my copy of VS2012 Express. Has anyone been able to install CodeXL on VS2012 Express or would I need to upgrade to the full VS2012?



Zhong Liang ONG.