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Problem for video signal with DVI-D in my R9-290

Question asked by loique25 on Jun 6, 2014

Hello, I have a second monitor a Samsung SyncMaster T220HD connected into my R9-290 but there was no video signal when I install the new AMD drivers. Before this I have tried to install it without the Video driver, and it work great. So I can't have the complete AMD experience.

How can I repair it?

Thanks so much for your jobs.


*I am very sorry for my bad english (I speak great French and Italian) and the trouble



Monitor :  SyncMaster T220HD

Mother Card : Asus Sabertooth x79

Graphic Card : R9-290
CPU : Intel Core I7 4930K
Problem : No video signal with DVI-D. When I install the Video driver but I can have the rest.