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    AMD Catalyst 14.6 Beta doesn't detect Hardware, what to do?


      So, since April when the AMD Catalyst 14.4 WHQL came out, it does not detect my hardware on istallation.

      I have an HP G62 a-40SP with switchable graphics (Intel+ATI Radeon HD Mobility 5470) and Win8.1 x64;

      I decided to install the new beta driver, and still do not detect it. I figured out a site called leshcatlabs that provide Catalyst drivers optimized to swichable graphics like my laptop.

      And they found out this:

      14.4 WHQL v1.3 release:

      - Based on 14.4 WHQL mobility 25/04/2014.

      - Introducing Prerequisites buttons – they will check if system is configured in best fashion for UnifL. They can be ignored of course. (ignore this)

      - Added missing DEV_68E0 (Radeon 5xxx series).

      They figure it out! They found out a missing dev for my hardware. I installed it and it worked! So for the second release AMD do not have a solution for 5000 series. I wonder if someone used a way to the new beta driver to detect it, or should I wait for the new leshcatlabs drivers?