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Ati Catalyst Problem

Question asked by hkncvs123 on May 24, 2014

Hi everyone,

I have a hp dv6 3001-st entertaiment laptop. Last days my system was fall down and i lost my drivers. Then today i threw my computer.


Onboard video card : Amd 880G with Ati mobility Radeon Hd 4250


Other video card: Ati mobility Radeon Hd 5650


I was entered hp support and downloaded old version my graphics cards. Then i wish play ''watch dogs'' , but my grahics card old version because of ı can't play.


Then i was entered amd support and choose ''Automatically Detect and Install'' and download ati catalyst 14.4 and i set up

My probles is when i was set up 14.4 then i can't use my switchable grahics cards. I run all games onboard video cards i can't run with ati 5650.

And Atipowerxpress is broken i can't choose switchable graphics card.

Please help me how can i handle it ?