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    Radeon 7970 minimizing memory clocks



      I'm using Radeon7970, catalyst 12.10, APP SDK 2.8, RHEL 6.4

      I need to minimize memory clocks of Radeon 7970 and keep core clocks defaults. I use aticonfig --odsc=925,150 to change memory clocks to it's configurable minimum. It succesfully changes core peak and memory peak. But when GPU load appears, memory clocks automatically become 800 MHz. What is the real configurable clock ranges? What is the available core/memory clocks ratio?

      What is the way to keep memory clocks minimized?

      When I used Radeon 5970, aticonfig was working perfectly for these purposes.

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          The clock speed depends on GPU load and temperature and there is no guarantee that the clock speed will be changed as per specified in aticonfig command. Here is what man page says


          --odsc, --od-setclocks={NewCoreClock|0,NewMemoryClock|0}

            Sets the core and memory clock to the values specified in MHz

            The new clock values must be within the theoretical ranges provided

            by --od-getclocks. If a 0 is passed as either the NewCoreClock or

            NewMemoryClock it will retain the previous value and not be changed.

            There is no guarantee that the attempted clock values will succeed

            even if they lay inside the theoretical range. These newly set

            clock values will revert to the default values if they are not

            committed using the "--od-commitclocks" command before X is