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    scaling with byte texcoord vertices



           I am working to get the OpenGl ES1.1 conformance test passing and I am failing the texture test due to what I see as a scaling issue.  A two pixel texture is created and then I scale the texture matrix to be 1/4 and then select the texcoord vertices to be {1,1},{3,1},{1,3},{3,3} as GL_BYTES.  This should draw both pixel but only the latter pixel is drawn.  If I changed the texcorrd vertices to be 0 and 1 instead of 1 and 3, the picture is drawn correctly using both pixels.  Its like there is an issue with scaling of the texcoord vertices.  I also verified that the texture matrix had the correct values (0.25), I tried changing the texture matrix to be 1/256 and the results were the same, 1 and 3 drew the latter pixel, 0 and 1 drew both pixels.  I verified that the texcoord vertices were beign loaded into memory correctly (01010301 01030303).


           Has anyone seen an issue like this or know where in the driver/registers the chip would load the texture matrix information or combine it with the texcoord vertices to select the texture pixels?  I have gone over the evergreen 3D register document for the last two days but have not found a solution.


           This is my first post so let me know if I have to be more specific or if there is more information that is needed.  A snippet is attached.




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          Still trying to work through this issue and could use some help.  It is out last issue before conformace is achieved.


          Texcoords vertices are not being scaled.  I don't think its a rounding issue since I can scale 1/512 and vertices 0,0 0,1 1,0 1,1 still give us a valid answer.  I have run out of things to try to address this issue and could use some ideas.