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clAmdFft.runtime linking errors in Windows 8.1

Question asked by amcelroy on May 9, 2014
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I'm writing a Java JNI wrapper for the AMD FFT library and have run into a problem under Windows 8.1 that doesn't show up in Windows 7. 

The code works perfectly under Windows 7, but when I try to load the library in Java, it says there is a linking error; here is what I've tried to do on my end:

1.) Recompile the .dll file in Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 with only linking to the libraries needed which are: JNI.lib, clAmdFft.runtime.lib, and opencl.lib, ignoring all other libraries

2.) Try compiling the .dll using MinGW x64 variant

3.) Google, which brought me to a forum over on the Microsoft Community:

4.) Run dependency walker and tracked the issue (I think) to clAmdFft.runtime.dll.  The missing dependencies on on Windows 8.1 are

     a.)  API-MS-WIN-SERVICE-PRIVATE-L1-1-1.dll





Is there any way to check this on y'alls end?  Again, everything works perfectly in Windows 7.



Austin McElroy