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ACML 6 and A10-7850K HPL performance

Question asked by yurtesen on May 8, 2014
Latest reply on May 16, 2014 by timmy.liu



I am trying to run ACML6 / HPL benchmark with A10-7850K APU. I seem to have hit some brick walls...


I am using the: calculator...


First problem is the memory usage.I am not able to go over the Spectre allocated memory. Shouldnt ACML6 be able to detect the GPU model and use host memory instead? Does it have to copy stuff around?


Second problem is the performance, I used a case created with the HPL calculator (link above) with 1 nodes, 1 cores/node and 1024MB ram. If I run 1 process, I get about 19gflops and if I run 4 processes I get 21.6gflops. If I run 1 process with gpu inaccessible, I get  18gflops and 4 processes gives 18.5gflops. I tried to use ACML_LOG_FILTER=1 and it seems to have usegpu( 1 )  in the log entries (it is not 1 in all entries).


Anway, what is the best way to get good results? Does anybody have better HPL results?