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Automatic injection of -g option when building GPU kernel

Question asked by maxdz8 on Apr 30, 2014
Latest reply on May 1, 2014 by maxdz8

Hello, CodeXL is currently failing on me, popping a message box reading:

Could not debug kernel.

The kernel is not debuggable (it was probably built without debugging flags).


Now, if I go in Menu Debug>Debug Settings and then open Analyze>OpenCL Build Options>Other I have indeed set the -g flag.

Is this really for analyze mode only?

For the time being, I'm putting -g in my build flags. However, I'm afraid I've missed this in the CL spec (I'm running 1.2 and thus referring to 1.2). It is my understanding this flag was specified in the CL2.0 spec.

So, I'm a bit uneasy at adding it to the build code. Shouldn't CodeXL inject this itself? Perhaps something is wrong with my setup?