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Catalyst 14.4 and CodeXL crush

Question asked by aazmp on Apr 26, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2014 by timeout

Problem with catalyst 14.4 whql and CodeXL.

Before 14.3 beta was installed - worked ok.


When i run application as usual - works fine. Outbut of encoded video bit by bit repeats output with 14.3b. Performance is the same.

Application trace in CodeXL also runs correctly.


But when i try to see Performance Counters - system crashes. CodeXL manages to print little info about output into cmd and system restarts without any delay.

Tried CodeXL 14 and 13 - both crash.

Returned to 14.3b - everything is working again.



Windows 7 x64

Radeon HD 7850 + FX 6300



tested app Aazmp/vp8oclenc · GitHub

first it runs couple CPU OpenCL kernels (these are probably the ones that run correctly and can be seen in cmd log)

and then GPU kernels (i guess they are the reason of crash, but i am not sure. System restarts very quickly).