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GpuPerfAPI bluescreen (Windows 7, HD7970, PerfAPI 2.13, Catalyst 14.4)

Question asked by Anteru Employee on Apr 29, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2014 by Anteru



I've been trying to instrument an OpenCL application today to get in-application profiling. The application can be profiled without problems using CodeXL. However, when I try to use the GPUPerfAPI, I get a bluescreen. More specifically:


  1. Initialization works fine
  2. After the OpenCL command queue is created, I call GPA_OpenContext ()
  3. I can successfully query the performance counters
  4. I enabled one performance counter, "FetchSize"
  5. GPA_BeginSession (), GPA_BeginPass (), GPA_BeginSample () work fine
  6. Kernel executes correctly
  7. GPA_EndSession (), GPA_EndPass (), GPA_EndSample () work fine
  8. Calling GPA_IsSessionReady () results in a bluescreen, triggered from the PerfAPI DLL. Note: If I call clWaitForEvent on an event created before the kernel execution, I also get a bluescreen. Not sure if this problem is related.


All API calls returns success. The application is not started as elevated; starting it with administrator rights also results in a bluescreen. Is there some minimal example how to use the PerfAPI for OpenCL?