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    14.4 catalyst


      I downloaded the latest catalyst, 14.4 and on the restart my system lost all video drivers and USB support. Took me the better part of an hour to recover my system.

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          Also having problems with the latest catalyst update.


          After installation I think the gamma went totally off whack... my screen went a purple haze, so I reverted back to 14.3 and then everything went back to normal. This new patch has serious bugs that I have not expierenced before in a catalyst update.


          Please fix!

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            I had the same exact thing happen.  During the installation of the windows 7-64bit catalyst, it seemed to be running smoothly until it started installing something to do with AMD SATA.  I received a big fat bluescreen and could not recover my hard drive.  When restarting the computer, upon reaching windows, there is no USB controls at all.  I tried to recover the operating system but it was a dead end for me.  This driver build was catastrophic to my system, I lost everything.

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              Hi guys,

              This forum is not the correct place for Catalyst related posts.

              To report issues with Catalyst 14.4 please use this page: AMD Issue Reporting Form for AMD Catalyst™ 14.4 for Desktop Radeon™ Products