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Problems | AMD 13.12 Driver | Ubuntu 14.04

Question asked by letspushyou on Apr 22, 2014
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i've got a problem with the AMD driver 13.12 (it's weird because when I'm unpacking it it says "13.251") in Ubuntu 14.04...


There is no problem with the installation of the CCC package, but with the driver (fglrx) package there is always a problem and Ubuntu doesn't want to install it... Is there any possibility to install it?




GPU: HD 5450

Driver version: 13.12 --> ?13.251?

Ubuntu 14.04


It's a new system with a NEW HDD so an old driver doesn't make the problem...

AND I downloaded the 64 bit version because it's the 64 bit Ubuntu and I installed lib32gcc1 for the 64-bit installation!

Download link:


Thanks, for any solutions for the problem