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Problems with graphics driver for Ubuntu 14.04

Question asked by praserocking on Apr 22, 2014
Latest reply on May 1, 2014 by praserocking

I installed ubuntu 14.04 and installed the latest beta graphic driver downloaded from amd support. lightdm failed and I didnt get to the login page after that. It said that it needs to reconfigure my graphics settings to 800x600 and finally crashed. I again formatted the drive and installed 14.04 again. This time i tried 13.12 driver. I still got the same problem.. anyone facing same problems like me? is there any fix for it?? I think driver didn't suit the kernel 3.13 . I changed my kernel to 3.13 on my 13.04 ubuntu. Even it had exactly the same problem. But my good time, I purged the kernel. But I wanna use 3.13 kernel because it has many wifi driver updates for me. Can anyone help me with it?