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    GPU progamming in OpenCL


      Hi guys,


      I brought a ATI Radeon R9290X GPU card but found out it is not supported by Matlab. Either change it to GeForce or learn how to use it in OpenCL.


      Could anyone has any example show me how to program OpenCL to make use the calculation power of the GPU. My program is in Matlab and they are all calculation with no graphic inside.

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          As of now Matlabs release R2013b does not support AMD devices. This means its parallel computing toolbox and parallel functions that have native support run only on NVidia GPUs.


          There may be a round-about way to use OpenCL code within Matlab. Since Matlab provides an external interface in the form of MEX functions to call C functions within it, this interface may be used to write OpenCL code and call it from Matlab (Though at this stage I am not sure if this is possible).

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              Hi, sudarshan,


              I am familiar with Matlab MEX function as I am using SVM which is in C code and need MEX function to link it to Matlab. However, those are CPU programming and not GPU programming.


              1. I know the Arrary Fire can create arrayfire.h library if it can incorporate in C code and use MEX function to run on MATLAB. But so far I have no luck.


              2. Even I can do that, there are lots of change in the programming code to use GPU calculation function.


              3. What about THEANO - can it help.