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CodeXL with CPU

Question asked by snack on Apr 13, 2014

Hi, I have a laptop with Linux and a Mobility HD3470 which cannot be used for OpenCL, so I'm toying with OpenCL using the CPU. I'd like to use CodeXL to perform some code analysis but it seems that neither the kernel debugger nor the static analyzer can be used with the CPU. In particular, the analyze options tab shows no available device on my system. I installed AMD APP SDK 2.9, Catalyst 14.3 (which does not support my card, but I'm using the open driver for it) and CodeXL 1.3.3487, but still I can't see the CPU as available device for static analysis. So my question is: to which extent CodeXL is usable with the CPU as OpenCL device? Am I missing some piece in my stack which prevents CodeXL to work with the CPU?