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Why do I not get more Opengl handles with additional cards.

Question asked by skelley on Apr 11, 2014

My questions are: What determines the number of contexts that OpenGL can create and is there any way to boost this value. Also, why doesn't having 3 cards help.


Here is the situation: I am working on a system where I need to be able to make multiple windows with each window having the potential to have multiple contexts. My current system has 3 identical  AMD Radeon HD 7970 cards with 3GB memory each running on a Windows 7 64bit box using Windows Classic. I wrote a simple program to test the availability of handles that wglCreateContext can create that does nothing but create a specified number of windows then create a specified number of contexts on the windows. So, for example, if the number of windows is 10 and the number of contexts is 10, the program will create 10 windows then create context 1 on each window, context 2 on each window etc. I have the latest drivers. My program reports that on a clean boot I can create only 96 contexts. Not only that but instead of returning NULL on failure Windows reports a crash and gives me to choice of ending the program, debugging, or searching the web for a solution. If I open the debugger I find that the program is inside the call to wglCreateContext. Using an associated context to specify a different GPU for the work doesn't help with my particular needs.


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