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Catalyst 14.3 Beta V1.0 error launching administrative control center in Mint 16

Question asked by solarcat on Apr 4, 2014

This is a fresh install of Linux Mint 16, MATE edition, on a Kaveri system. CPU is A10-7850K, using on-chip graphics, no extra graphics card.


Catalyst 14.3 Beta V1.0 installs two items in the Preferences menu:


  1. AMD Catalyst Control Center
    (Command: amdcccle)
  2. AMD Catalyst Control Center (Administrative)
    (Command: amdxdg-su -c amdcccle)


The second one, administrative, fails to launch when I select that menu item. When I try executing that command in a terminal, here's the result:


Error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NameHasNoOwner: Could not get owner of name 'org.gnome.zeitgeist.Engine': no such name
amdxdg-su: no graphical method available for invoking 'amdcccle' as 'root'


However, when I simply execute sudo amdcccle the Control Center launches as superuser just fine, and I can access and modify all the settings.


Am I missing some dependencies? If so, please list exact package names.


Other than this small problem, it seems to be running fine in this environment. In fact it's smoking fast according to gtkperf, as much as 20% faster than the open source driver. It also clears up a very bizarre font-rendering issue in Firefox, which with the open source driver displays default fonts for some elements that have other fonts specified.