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    Small CodeXL interface improvement request


      Please make kernel selection field in Analyze mode wider. With few similarly named kernels with not so long names it's increadibly hard to select right one from list because of names truncation in too little dropbox.

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          Hi Raistmer,

          Thanks for your suggestion. It makes perfect sense. Unfortunately we're so close to releasing CodeXL 1.4 that we can't push this change into 1.4. We will consider to include it in the next release.

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              And another suggestion about interface for next release:


              Could you please make cells in tables selectable?


              For example, let suppose one replaces one kernel call with few sequential ones and would like to see if such approach faster.

              It's natural then to select few cells with times of those new kernel calls copy/pase them in spreadsheet and do summation. Only those few cells would be needed for copy.

              But now one should export whole profiler run log into CSV then import to spreadsheet... sometimes it's easier to manually enter those few values on calculator then.


              Another example: let suppose one need to compare only one kernel call but from different profiler runs. Then one would copy single table row from each run into spreadsheet/text editor and do comparison. And again, now to accomplish that one should export/import whole profiler run first...


              So, just make cells in tables selectable and eligible for copy/paste to spreadsheets.


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                  Hi Raistmer..


                  In CodeXL 1.4, you can copy an entire row (or several rows) by clicking
                  right click -> copy.

                  Then, for copying the items, open a text editor, paste the copied rows, and
                  save the file as a CSV file.


                  CodeXL table logic refers to selection of a row(s), and as so, cannot select
                  or copy only a specific item from a row.


                  Ariel Gaisinsky,

                  Advanced Micro Devices.