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House sync configuration

Question asked by mnlbr on Mar 29, 2014
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i'm using a nanosync to generate a snyc signal for my media server, 2 cameras and one mixer. The sync i'm generating is a pal 25 (576i 2x) @50.

My media server is using a V8800 Firepro with a s400 card.

My 4 Display ports:

1. Gui 1920x1080@50

2. 1024x768@50

3. 1024x768@50

4. 1024x768@50

I get my EDIDs from a Lightware 8x8 Matrix.


with the house sync i want to sync my outputs 2-4.

When i selected them as timing clients, it only syncs one out put with the house sync. It wont let me sync all 3.


If i set one display as timing server with the house sync as source i cant not sync the other two displays to this timing server.


any one an idea?


cheers Manuel