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    House sync configuration




      i'm using a nanosync to generate a snyc signal for my media server, 2 cameras and one mixer. The sync i'm generating is a pal 25 (576i 2x) @50.

      My media server is using a V8800 Firepro with a s400 card.

      My 4 Display ports:

      1. Gui 1920x1080@50

      2. 1024x768@50

      3. 1024x768@50

      4. 1024x768@50

      I get my EDIDs from a Lightware 8x8 Matrix.


      with the house sync i want to sync my outputs 2-4.

      When i selected them as timing clients, it only syncs one out put with the house sync. It wont let me sync all 3.


      If i set one display as timing server with the house sync as source i cant not sync the other two displays to this timing server.


      any one an idea?


      cheers Manuel

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          Hi Manuel,


          In order to synchronize multiple displays that are connected to the same GPU the displays needs to be identical. This means they need to report the same EDID. Can you confirm that the EDID for the 3 displays that you want to synchronize are identical?

          How are the Displays connected? Do you use DisplayPort to DVI adapters? If so can you confirm that you are using active adapters.



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              Yes i do use active DisplayPort to DVI port adapters. I get my EDIDs form the Lightware Matrix, they are all identical.

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                  For a better understanding of my setup here some screenshots:



                  There is a notification here: "The settings for this timing client are shared with other timing clients that are connected to the same display group."



                  Even if i emulate them to the same EDID, for example giving 3 and 4 the EDID of 2 doesn't help it.



                  EDID Hex files

                  1. Port 1920x1080@50



                  2. Port 1024x768@50



                  3. Port 1024x768@50



                  4. Port 1024x768@50



                  if you need any more details let me know.

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                      looking at the screen-shots you sent the synchronization of the displays to the house sync should be possible. When you checkmark display 3 and 4 and try to synchronize it, do you see the displays getting black? This would indicate that the driver tries to synchronize the displays.


                      Can you try to configure display 2 as TimingServer. In the properties of the TimingServer you can define that this display should synchronize to the house sync. Then please try to configure display 3 and 4 as Timing Client. You do not need to specify the house sync any more for the clients since they will sync to the Timing Server which is in sync with the house sync.



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                          Sometimes they get black sometimes they dont. Either way they dont get synced.

                          Same when i set one of the displays as TimingServer with the HouseSync as timing source, which works for any display. But if i then select the two other ones  as TimingClients they fail to sync again.