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Values on Radeon HD 7520G running less than optimum performance

Question asked by vampiredragon on Mar 26, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2014 by vampiredragon

Hi, my video card is not being utilize completely.

the same thing happened to the HD 7870 on update 13.1 /, and this has been a problem for around two months.

I don't think too many people updated, but it did, and I have restored my computer, looked in BIOS (no options for video card other than memory check and I ran that all night with no results), and no avail.

The 7520G runs at 2gb dedicated memory and clocks at 1600MHz. right now the card is running at 512 dedicated at 800MHz.

The computer is a 2340dx HP Pavilion APU laptop with a 4400M 2.7/3.2(turbo) processor and has 4gb ram.

I installed windows 8.1 and the HP support app gave me the option to update CCC and I did, 3 times after resetting/refreshing/using backup.

I have tried several times to find a version that works with my video card's hardware, and no avail.
The computer is a vision, and the video card is ran on trinity? i looked up if it was utilizing powerxpress and endure, but i couldn't ever find out.