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A10-7850K + R9 290X Linux problem between OpenCL and X

Question asked by yurtesen on Mar 21, 2014

I have a problem with A10-7850K + R9 290X setup I am using. I have set it up so one display is connected to A10-7850K and one display is connected to R9 290X. Installed 14.3 drives and setup xorg with 2 adapters.


OpenCL seems to work just fine. But Ubuntu is able to use only 1 display for desktop and second display stays black (it is possible to move the mouse pointer there).


I am able to fix the issue by enabling xinerama, but that seems to break composite and I get empty desktop after I login to Ubuntu. The other option is putting both displays to A10 or 290X but then OpenCL does not work.


Do you have any idea about how can I get it working without breaking OpenCL?