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status of drivers for AMD Z430/Z160

Question asked by amitkc on Mar 21, 2014



regarding an iMX53 SoC on some custom hardware, I'm trying to understand the status of drivers providing hardware accelerated graphics.  The i.MX53 Sabre Tablet Linux Reference Manual cites the SoC as having AMD Z430 for 3D and Z160 for GD GPUs.


I've seen ( statements suggesting support for these processors has been stuck at the level of 2.6.35 kernel for some time. Elsewhere I've seen hints that maybe 2.6.38 or later might be supported, and I've seen 3 sets of driver generations from freescale with designations such as 11.03, 11.05, 11.09.


Is anyone (tia!) able to provide a clear outline of the most recent kernel/driver combination relevant to the iMX53 with these gpus?