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    My video ram has decreased why?


      I have a 7520G HD descrete card on my laptop and it is running at 512 MB rather than 2GB.

      I have tried everything.

      It's AMD Radeon.

      I have reinstalled drivers and software for this card around 18 times.

      I have reformatted my computer.

      I play video games and i have to turn down the graphics.

      I did find one update that worked decent on here but my v ram is still showing up as 512 MB.

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          the HD 7520G is not a discrete graphics card. It is the graphics core in the Trintiy APU. The setting for the VRAM is controlled by the System BIOS. You can check if the BIOS has an option to change the memory buffer for the graphics core. Which motherboard are you using? Can check if the BIOS supports the option to change the allocated memory size or not.