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The problem with all R9 series graphics card drivers and EDID setup.

Question asked by gheonea777 on Mar 5, 2014

Hi, i first want to tell everybody about this because is a searious problem in AMD R9 Drivers to recognize the monitor resolution as well as the refresh rate that they can perform,i know this because i have this problem and i curently own a R9 270x, it simply doesen't recognize my monitor i tried everything, and is not just me many people are experienceing the same problem and for you to make it work well you have to edit the EDID data of the display that is a really hard. All i'am asking AMD is to put and edit the EDID data in catalyst to suport 1920x1080 on 22 inch monitors that's it, my monitor is a philips 222E2 with a native resolution of 1920x1080 by 60Hz and is not recognized the problem in games is that we are expiriencing screen tearing even with Vsync on that is because the EDID doesen't recognize the refresh rate of the monitor and even if you disable it you are experienceing the same thing,anyway i can't believe that on EDID i have 1600x1200p at 60Hz max and not 1080p because that looks pretty streatched out on a 16:9 monitor.So that's about it i don't know if i made myself clear, english is not my native tongue i tried my best, well I HOPE you guys will certain these things out on you're future drivers release.THANK YOU HAVE A NICE DAY.