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    Copy/export function calls history?


      Is there any way to export, or copy to the clipboard, the function call history list?

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          Now I see an older question http://devgurus.amd.com/message/1298089 that sort of answers this: Click the leftmost button above the log, run until pause or breakpoint, and click the second button.  This does open an HTML file containing about the first 50 calls, but I want to get everything shown in the call history list.

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              The HTML log is only updated on certain events, such as application termination or stopping recording.


              If you wish to see the full log whenever you suspend the application with pause / breakpoint, you can go in the CodeXL options dialog (Tools > Options in CodeXL standalone; CodeXL > CodeXL Options in Visual Studio extension), under "GPU Debug" > "Advanced" and click the "Flush log file after every monitored function call".

              This, at a slight cost to application performance, will cause the HTML log file to be updated immediately for every function call. If you wish to view the log update in real time, you don't need to click the HTML log file each time, you can just leave it open and hit refresh in your browser.


              Also note that there is a separate log for each OpenCL context and OpenGL render context, as well as a log for functions that are not bound to a specific context (such as clGetPlatformIDs or wglDescribePixelFormat).


              Please let us know if this does not meet your requirements,