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OpenGL headers and libraries for ATI GPUs

Question asked by maki on Feb 26, 2014
Latest reply on May 29, 2014 by gopal

Hi, My question is about the OpenGL C++ API for the ATI  GPU. I have a sapphire R9 270X graphics card running on windows and I love graphics programming. I looked all over the Installation disk shipped with the graphics card for OpenGL headers and static libraries, OpenGL 3.x that is and possibly OpenGL 4.x since my graphics card supports the 4.3 version of it. I have OpenGL 1.x or 2.x header and libraries I am programming with those until I get the newer version which are nowhere to be found in the Installation disk. As I understand the implementation of the API may most certainly differs among the graphics hardware provider/companies meaning the OpenGL librairies won't be found on the OpenGL website (header might be there!). Since AMD concieved the GPU for my graphics card I was wondering if you can help me with that. Thank you!


By the way, I hope it will be easier in the future to find those files because even with the old OpenGL API I had to look for hours and maybe days to find the headers and libraries so I could enjoy the joys of graphics programming with an open API !!! And all I can remember from it is people shouting here and there and all over the internet "You can't download OpenGL" without giving any direction on how people should proceed to get their hands on those precious files. Trust me it is really frustrating in the long run!!!