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    Getting static kernel analysis output files using CodeXLKernelAnalyzer


      I'm trying to get the same analysis output data for static kernel analysis of an OpenCL kernel that CodeXL provides using the command line CodeXLKernelAnalyzer application. I get the statistics data in the file specified by the --analysis option but I don't get the Analysis data/emulated execution page. I do get the ISA, IL and debug IL files if I specify the corresponding options.


      I also don't see any way to specify the values for global workgroup options, local workgroup dimensions or loop iterations that I see in the Analyze tab of the CodeXL options dialog


      I looked at the online help for CodeXL which describes command line options for CodeXLKernelAnalyzer but doesn't seem to describe how to do what I want.


      Any suggestions regarding what I am missing or how to get the output I'm looking for.


      The output from the CodeXLKernelAnalyzer --version command is

      CodeXL KernelAnalyzer CLI Version 0x4157a0
      OpenCL 1.2 AMD-APP (1348.4)


      I'm running this on a Linux system, and for purposes of trying to figure this out am using Bonaire as the target device