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Question asked by cobra21 on Feb 25, 2014
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Good Day Gentlemen, I've got a BRAND new New HP  Notebook, with an AMD Motherboard. Now  I've gone and partitioned the  "C" drive and put Windows 7 O.E.M. on it, (HATE WIN 8) Now I've GOT Win 7 on there, Scrounged around the net for LAN drivers, after much trial and error Got one to work from Realtek,  Got EVERYTHING  else working, Got your Catalyst on here, Here is where I need your help, Gentlemen, I have HUNTED everywhere  for Wi-Fi  drivers, NO luck!!  of course I checked HP's site, Nothing!  Ok!, this Notebook, its an HP-15GO28CA unit, Serial # CND4030GBX Product # F9J03UA,  the WI-FI  is an SPS-WLAN 802.11B/G/N  I DO realize that ALL Drivers must be  digitally signed  by Microsoft,  So  I  was HOPING, that maybe  they  may have been created  and approved  by Microsoft, For WIN 7 Home Premium!! My last resort is to use an Portable Wi-Fi  KEY  but it would be nice if I could use the onboard one!!  In advance,  Kindest regards, Thank you!!