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AMD Intermediate Language for APU machines

Question asked by farooqun on Feb 19, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2014 by rouellet

Can you tell me what is the Intermediate Language for AMD's APU machines (in particular, APU A10-5800)? Is it AMD IL? And how can I retrieve the AMD IL from an executable? For the discrete Radeon AMD GPU, I used the build options "-save-temps" to generate the *.il files but when I do the same for the AMD APU machine, the generated .il file looks quite different for the same OpenCL application. I am not sure how to understand it. Can you point me to a specification for it?


Secondly, do the new Kaveri systems (A10-7850K and A10-7700K) support the HSA IL as their intermediate language? Is that already supported by the Beta Catalyst driver that is out?