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    Experiencing crashes @ Source Engine Games?




      -I don't think the hardware is correctly detected since it recommends me no aa (in css, lfd2, and dod:s) and a resolution of 1280xsomething in lfd2.

      -The crashes itself are likely to - #1610 - game crashes, sound is looped, input not detected. however, i can reisub, so this is not a kernel panic.

      -driver detects the hd7770 correct, also, neither unity engine nor any other of my non-source games crashed in this way.

      -allready tried to reinstall fglrx, steam, and the games.

      -temperature isn't the reason, it seems to keep stable.[/quote]


      Game crashes, taking with parts of X. · Issue #1657 · ValveSoftware/Source-1-Games · GitHub



      -I replaced my hd5650 for a 7770.

      -Since then, i got a better Performance @ Unity Engine and some other games.

      -Unfortunately, i get crashes when playing Source Engine Games, that seems to crash parts of the X-Server as well.

      -Source guy believes it could be a problem with shader caching.


      Source Error, driver Error or malfuncted Graphic Card?

      Any ideas how i could check this out, or even fix it?