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how to actually use hsa

Question asked by rougered on Feb 9, 2014

Dear list,

         i am involved in a "towards exascale"  EU funded project, and i am attempting to understand if the HSA can fit our needs.


Essentially our problem is that we have an object oriented code, written in c++ and we would like to offload part of it to the gpu. There is a lot of parallelism but we do not want to give up with OO programming to pass to something like OpenCL.


as i understand what we want to do shall be possible on AMD apus, thanks to HSA technology. The thing i don't get is HOW TO DO IT. Could you provide some guidance on this?


If this possibility does not exist now, it would be interesting to have an ETA of when it could become available, to understand if we can plan to leverage in our exascale project or not.


thank you in advance

Riccardo Rossi