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ADL only works if a display is ACTIVE on the card

Question asked by maul on Feb 5, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2014 by jakob

So I'm trying to run OpenCL calculations and related ADL operations on a multi-gpu (no SLI/CrossFire) setup. I just bough a new R9 270x. My problem is that ADL only works if there is an active display on the card. Active meaning: plugged in, turned on, and switched to the card's HDMI input. When this is not the case (no display plugged in, display switched to a different input) all ADL API calls return errors and the overclock options are removed from the CCC. This really screws up my multi-gpu plans. Can something be done about this? Is this a bug, something I have to live with, or can it be fixed? I've tried using the latest stable and beta drivers.