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after installing the catalyst 13.12 my laptop is very slow

Question asked by kvraju on Feb 4, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2014 by pinform

Dear AMD experts.



Hardware configuration:


                         product name: "HP envy 6-1002tx notebook pc"

                                                 intel core i5/3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Control,

                                                 AMD radeon HD 7600 Series with 2GB dedicated memory.


Software configuration:


                         OS : openSUSE 12.3,Catalyst driver : AMD-13.12


please find the attached file, steps i followed for installing the catalyst driver on openSUSE.

it is sucessfully installed and i am able to run the opencl Apps on AMD as well. but after installing the AMD Catalyst driver my laptop is very very slow.



lspci -nn | grep "VGA" showing both intel and AMD as well.


Is it known issue?


Could you please help me on this issue.




Thanks and Regards,