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How to use hardware accelerated video encoding on AMD G-Series SOC

Question asked by meigetsu on Feb 3, 2014



We are starting a new development here using an AMD G-Series SOC and we hav no clue were to start digging to activate hardware acceleration for encoding/decoding video.


For our current test :

  • we installed a simple ubuntu system
  • we installed the official AMD grafic drivers drivers (13.25)
  • we tried encoding a video with ffmpeg using several options (mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4, x264)


For what we understood, AMD drivers should use VA-API to encode/decode videos.

Our ffmpeg version is compiled with vaapi option enabled.


The tool "vainfo", indicated errors at first but after installing some va-drivers, and reinstalling AMD drivers, it now returns a compatibility with h264 high profile only (which seems to match the SOC specifications).

Anyway, whatever options we use in ffmpeg, we always use about 180% CPU when encoding video to x264.


Everything indicates that hardware acceleration is not working.


Could someone, at least, point me to the right direction here ?

Google didn't helped me so far...


Thank you,