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AMD Catalyst Configuration (one white screen)

Question asked by provenpcs on Feb 1, 2014

Hi there,

I am running Zorin OS version 8 Ultimate (based on Ubuntu 13.10 "Linux").  I installed the udates driver from repositories.  It is very unclear what Linux driver is actually the most up to date version I need for my system.  I have researched this for many hours and tried installing the supposedly needed AMD Catalyst driver needed for Linux for my system.


I seem to have AMD Catalyst driver installed to support an installed Radeon ONE HD5450 graphics card. I can open Catalyst and change the settings. I rebooted a few times after changing settings a few times, and I keep getting one screen staying white. The cursor or pointer for my mouse goes from one screen to another, but one screen has no image, just stays white. I have configured this same driver in Windows7 and had no problems like this in Windows7. Any clues as to what I might be missing here?


Catalyst is set for one desktop (multi-monitors).


Thank you much,



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