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    CodeXL - Segmentation fault


      Hi all,


      System configuration:  (Lenovo G505s)

      AMD A10 5750M + HD Radeon 8560G  + HD Radeon 8570M


      Catalyst Drivers : 13.12

      AMD APP SDK : 2.9

      CodeXL : 1.3


      on windows 8 every thing works fine.......i am able to run CodeXl and debug on both devices.


      on CentOS 6.5, CodeXL is getting crashed... same as devgurus.amd.com/thread/168070






      kalyanpk ...is CodeXL supported in CentOS 6.5?

      Gilad.Yarnitzky  i tried removing libAMDKernelAnalyzer.so ... CodeXL starts..... but i need kernel analyzer ....

      dorono i need your valuble inputs regarding drivers for 8***M series external GPU cards