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    FirePro V7900SDI + Club 3D MST Hub




      Actually i am trying to set up a Multimonitor-situation using 12 Screens (6x 1920x1080 / 6x1024x768).

      What i did therefor was plugging 4x Club 3D MST Hubs into the 4x DisplayPort outputs of my FirePro V7900SDI.

      Unfortunately all i got was 9 Screens, where some Screens got screwed resolutions.


      Is there a limit of adding MST hubs to a graphics card? Do i need 12x 1920x1080-Screens?


      Thanks in advance.


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          Hi Martin,


          the V7900 (and newer boards as well) support up to 6 displays. This is the total number of displays that you can connect. Using a MST hub will not increase this number. If you have a board that has 4 connectors you can use a MST hub to connect a total of 6 displays.