AMD Slot A Processor

Discussion created by reddog1997 on Jan 22, 2014

I am a hugh fan AMD. this is because i love the Slot A Proccesor Serie. i think it is the best processor-serie. it was Plug and play! click in the processor in slot connect the fan cable. and you are ready to play.



picture 1



+ The card is bigger ( almost the lenght of a ram slot ) ,that's also the reason why CPU is placed vertical on the Motherboard (picture 1). that mean's  there was more room fit in all the chips. (Picture 2.)

that also mean's the heat was spread over the card. so it cooled better than a normale CPU. also the cooler had three fan's on it.

+ easy replace

+ also better cooled heat because it was mount vertical on the motherboard

+ very good protected.

+ also good protected againts dust

+ long life


picture 2


I think if they used today you could fit in a cpu and graphics card.

I hope they make this type of CPU Again.


Lex Veldhuis