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    Crash on R9 GPUs in IDirect3D9::CreateDevice


      I am in a situation where the following code is crashing on R9s:



          D3DPRESENT_PARAMETERS present;

          fill_out_present(&present, width, height, should_vsync);


          UINT AdapterToUse = D3DADAPTER_DEFAULT;

          D3DDEVTYPE DeviceType = D3DDEVTYPE_HAL;




          HRESULT hr;

          hr = sys->d3d_object->CreateDevice(AdapterToUse, DeviceType,



                                             &present, &d3d_device);



      (Defn of fill_out_present omitted for now).


      I guess either the driver does not like something about the window or something about the D3DPRESENT_PARAMETERS, but this is code that has been running across all GPUs fine for years for millions of customers.


      You can repro this just by downloading the game Braid from Steam and trying it on an R9 with the latest drivers (13.12).


      I have reports of crashes on some Radeon HD cards as well but have not been able to repro those locally; but the R9 is a 100% repro.


      Has anyone seen this? Anyone know what is going on? I would like to at least push out a workaround today.