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Why does AMD make so few processors?

Question asked by yurtesen on Jan 17, 2014
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Over the years, I have always been having troubles finding AMD processors in the shops. It is almost like AMD does not want to sell processors. Shops either do not have them or have to put ridiculous limits like 1 per customer etc. Several times had to switch to buying from Intel or Nvidia when the original aim was to buy from AMD, due to time shortage for obtaining parts and needing to get what is available right away.


I was recently trying to buy few 10+ kaveri processors and I am not able to. For example, I check Newegg and they say "In stock. Limit 1 per customer." - AMD A10-7850K Kaveri 3.7GHz Socket FM2+ 95W Quad-Core Desktop Processor AMD Radeon R7 series AD785KXBJABOX


In Finland some web shops already show stock numbers like -13 (yes minus 13). Eg.


Some other shop says it will take 14+ days to obtain it...

It is often quite the similar situation with Radeon GPUs. Finding a recent AMD processor is like finding all right numbers in lottery. It is very frustrating. I am not surprised that AMD is not able to expand their market share at all.


I hope somebody at AMD would fire whoever is responsible for constant shortage of all AMD products. (I bet that person may even be bribed by the competitor to cause shortages!). If there is a logical explanation to this, why does it keep happening?