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wglGetGPUInfoAMD crashing on Radeon HD 8790M

Question asked by eodabash on Jan 15, 2014

This code is crashing our Dell Latitude E6540 running Windows 7 64-bit with driver version (dated 11/29/2013).


UINT n = wglGetGPUIDsAMD(0, 0);
UINT * ids = new UINT[n];
UINT total_mem_mb = 0;
wglGetGPUIDsAMD(n, ids);
wglGetGPUInfoAMD(ids[0], WGL_GPU_RAM_AMD, GL_UNSIGNED_INT, sizeof(UINT), &total_mem_mb); // crash here


I see there was a similar report made on these forums a while back


: wglGetGPUInfoAMD behavior


But there's no mention of whether the problem was resolved. This code generally seems to work fine on desktop AMD cards. I've attached a simple test program that reproduces the problem.