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HSA + flags for clEnqueueMapBuffer

Question asked by VincentSC on Jan 15, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2014 by dipak

With Kaveri out, we now have HSA in our hands. Great, but what flags do I need to use for clEnqueueMapBuffer to avoid data-copying? I have my guesses, but I'd like to hear from you.


For the normal map/unmap-procedure I prefer I could keep using the standard "pinned memory", so I don't need to change my existing code and can leave it to the driver to get it there as fast as possible. But when I want to have two threads (one CPU and one GPU) use the same memory, what do I use then?


What I know is written here: OpenCL Basics: Flags for the creating memory objects - Blog - StreamComputing