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    Website very difficult to navigate


      Hey, just letting you know that the website is really difficult to navigate. I was trying to find the AMD APP documentation, and I had to use Google to find the documentation page. Maybe I was just blind, but I took another look and I still can't figure out how I was supposed to find it without Google's help. Also, the OpenCL Zone page doesn't seem to lead to anything. I'm guessing the website is in flux, because I remember it looking different not too long ago.


      One last thing. It'd be really great if there was just a unified OpenCL page, with an obvious link to all relevant documentation, and other links to the SDK download page, forums, etc. It seems like the info is scattered all over the place, and I have to explore the whole website to find all the relevant information. It'd be great if there's a simple menu of the major sections, so I can just browse quickly to what I'm looking for.


      Thanks for looking into this and keep up the good work.

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          Thank you for your comments!


          We've been working to upgrade/dress-up the website including conforming to AMD's new branding guidelines for a while now.  We've got a few more changes in the pipeline but have recently started to focus on organization, so your comments are exceptionally timely.


          Thanks again and look for some changes in the next couple of weeks.