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OpenCL miscompiles and I have a clean reproducible case

Question asked by msoos on Jan 14, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2014 by ravkum

As explained in Bug 994 – OpenCL kernel miscompiles, a minimal test case is attached the v9.5 (and many previous OpenCL compilers) miscompile the kernel in msoos/amdmiscompile · GitHub It's quite easy to check that the code it correct, and the code doesn't get miscompiled if the OpenCL compiler is asked not to optimize, or if it is asked to compile for and run on the CPU. Please read the in the github repo, or read it online on the github webpage.


I believe this is quite a serious bug and given that I have worked a lot to provide an extremely trivial test-case, it should be easy to find the bug and fix it in the OpenCL compiler. This bug is hit by one of my kernels, preventing me from using the many AMD cards I have to accelerate a computation. This bug is probably also triggered by other kernels, leading to wrong computations on AMD cards. This may mean wrong results for physics simulations, wrong reconstruction of X-Ray images, etc. In other words, depending on the use-case, it can have serious consequences. I would be very grateful if the bug was fixed as soon as possible.


Thanks in advance!