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    wrong waves count?


      why with globas size of {1024,128,1? and workgroup size of {128,1,1} CodeXL shouws 4096 as total wavefronts number?

      Shouldn't it be 2048 instead?


      Device is Loveland (C-60-based netbook).

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          Thanks for your post.

          This is indeed a confirmed issue with CodeXL 1.3. AMD will provide a fix for that in the upcoming releases.


          Meanwhile to overcome this issue, you will need to delete the project and add the cl file again so it will take the new settings in the next compilation.

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              And another possible issue.

              Statistics for Loveland shows 32 as wavefront size. If I recalled right I reported that issue before, with prev. profiler, and got answer that wave size in Loveland 64.

              So, again, what wavefront size for Lovelang GPU ?