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Vista AMD drivers issue

Question asked by mikedomingues on Jan 7, 2014

Hello everyone !

I'm one of the developers of Star Lords (, and we started selling the game on Steam Early Access.

We've had several users complain that they can't run the game, and all of them had two things in common: their OS is Vista and have ATI/AMD cards.  The game runs fine with AMD drivers as long as the system is not vista which leads us to believe there is issue with the AMD Vista drivers. We tested the game ourselves in a similar rig (Vista&AMD card) and we confirmed the issue. The game simply hangs in the task manager but never really launches.

This issue is very serious and we've had already several people ask Steam for refunds because of this. The game is currently in Alpha but we can't in any circunstance release the game with this issue.

Can you anyone point out a work around/fix ? If you need any info I'm more than willing to give it to you.


Cheers !