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    Need catalyst driver assistance ...


      Dear himanshu.gautam,


      we tried to install catalyst driver(13.11 beta version) on AMD-CPU and AMD-GPU(radeon 6290) with openSUSE 12.3. it was succeeded.

      we also tried the same on other laptop with  Intel-CPU(i5) and AMD-GPU(radeon 8670) laptop and we followed the following steps. but it didn't succeed,



      Could you please kindly help us on following queries.

      Is that the catalyst driver works on combination of AMD-CPU and AMD-GPU only?

      or Is the catalyst driver works for any CPU and AMD-GPU with lower version (till radeon 6xxx series) ?




      These are the steps i followed during installation:


      Installing AMD Catalyst Drivers:

      Check the minimum system requirements and Compatible operating systems.
      Install the openSUSE operating system without any failures.
      The following packages must be installed in order for the AMD Catalyst driver for Linux to install and work properly.
      Install the following packages:
      1. XFree86 – Mesa – libGL (Zypper install Mesa)
      2. libstdc++
      3. libgcc
      4. XFree86-libs
      5. fontconfig
      6. freetype
      7. zlib
      8. gcc
      9. gcc-c++
      10. glut
      11. make
      12. kernel-devel
      Identify your system architecture by using uname –a  in terminal window.
      Reference repositories urls list

      Version: 12.3http://geeko.ioda.net/mirror/amd-fglrx/openSUSE_12.3/
      Version: 12.2http://geeko.ioda.net/mirror/amd-fglrx/openSUSE_12.2/
      Version: 12.1http://geeko.ioda.net/mirror/amd-fglrx/openSUSE_12.1/
      Version: 11.4http://geeko.ioda.net/mirror/amd-fglrx/openSUSE_11.4/
      Version: 11.3http://geeko.ioda.net/mirror/amd-fglrx/openSUSE_11.3/
      Version: 11.2http://geeko.ioda.net/mirror/amd-fglrx/openSUSE_11.2/

      Adding the repository:
      Start YaST2, with the help of menu
      Click Software Repositories in the YaST Control Center
      Click Add, select Specify URL and click Next
      Enter the repository url and choose a name (FGLRX for example) for the repository
      Click OK
      Accept the repository gpg key
      Ensure its status is "enabled" and "refresh automatically" is also on
      Installing the fglrx package
      In the YaST Control Center, click Software Management.
      Search for "fglrx" and check the package that matches your architecture.
      Note: For example on a 12.3 openSUSE fglrx64_xpic_SUSE123 is for 64bits and fglrx_xpic_SUSE123 is for 32bits
      Click Accept to confirm your changes
      The simplest way to apply these changes is to reboot.
      Enable NO_KMS:
      Go to Yast -> System ->/etc/system config editor
      Search for KMS.
      Enable KMS option type “mkinitrd” and reboot the system.
      Update the system by using the Zypper update in the terminal window.
      Then Reboot the system.

      Download the AMD Catalyst Driver from developer.amd.com that matches your system configuration and driver series.
      Unzip the AMD Catalyst and install the driver by using the terminal.
      Reboot the system for saving the changes.
      Execute the make_install.sh in the path lib/modules/fglrx.
      Reboot the system for changes.
      Execute aticonfig –initial two times to configure the AMD driver.
      Reboot the system for changes.
      Coping the X.org file into another folder for further use.(Backup of X.org file)
      Replace the X.org file with X.Org-Original.
      Reboot the system for changes.
      Install the AMD APP SDK
      Reboot the system for changes.
      Run the samples for testing the driver.
      See the clcinfo for further details.