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Beginner's question : how do I start ?

Question asked by raymondf2009 on Dec 20, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2013 by nou

Dear all,


I have been following the GPU and OpenCL development for a while, and now want to get my feet wet to start development on OpenCL with appropriate GPU card. So, my first question is "how do I start ?". This leads to the following questions :


1. Is there any FAQ available handy for beginners ?


2. Any suggested GPU cards with good price-to-performance to start with ? R280X ? R290X ?


3. My primary working and development environment is Linux. Can I use the same GPU card to run OpenCL programs and use it as display card at the same time ?


4. Can I install more than one GPU card into my computer ? What's the co-relation between OpenCL and CrossFire ? How do I specify which GPU card to run the compiled OpenCL application ?